Royal Enfield Launches New Range Of Silencers For Classic 350

Royal Enfield has launched a series of aftermarket silencers for the Classic 350, which continues to be one of the highest-selling models for the company. The prices of these end-cans start at Rs. 3,300 and go up to Rs. 3,600.

About a couple of months ago, carandbike exclusively told you that Royal Enfield is going to go big on mass customisation of its motorcycles and now it looks like the company has already begun taking steps in that direction. Royal Enfield has introduced a range of aftermarket silencers for the Classic 350, which is perhaps the highest-selling model from the company in recent years. The prices of these end-cans start at ₹ 3,300 and go up to ₹ 3,600. Royal Enfield offers a total of 16 silencer options for the Classic 350.

The silencers can be bought in either silver/chrome or black finishes and will be offered in three styles, which are straight cut, slashed cut and tapered. Customers cannot directly order the silencers and get them delivered at their homes. They will have to place an order on the website, with their nearest dealership and get it installed from there.

The company has identified that mass customisation of motorcycles is going to be a big thing in the future and Royal Enfield plans to make this option available to all its customers. The basic idea is to get the customer more involved in the buying process and offer differentiation and customisation. Royal Enfield wants to create each motorcycle as a unique piece of machinery and all of this will be done at the factory itself.

The next launch from the company will be the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, which will be a new motorcycle ground up and have a brand-new platform along with a new 350 cc engine too.